Available theses


Theses offered in robotics (Prof. Rocco, Prof. Zanchettin)

Last update: 10 December 2019

The proposals of the theses are available in the new MERLIN website, within the section for students.





Courses currently offered

Laurea in Ing. Aerospaziale

083401 - Fondamenti di automatica (per aerospaziali)

MSc in Automation and Control Engineering

MSc in Computer Science and Engineering

MSc in Electronics Engineering

MSc in Engineering Physics


090914 - Control of industrial robots


052368 - Control of industrial and mobile robots


MSc in Management Engineering


054207 - Industrial automation, communication and data management











Courses DM 270 (no longer offered)

Laurea Magistrale in Ing. Meccanica:

091092 - Controlli automatici A

091136 - Controlli automatici B





Courses DM 509 (no longer offered)

Laurea in Ing. Aerospaziale:

061468 - Automatica

070527 - Controlli Automatici

Laurea Specialistica in Ing. dell'Automazione:

077946 - Controllo del moto e robotica industriale

Laurea Specialistica in Ing. Meccanica:

075798 - Controlli automatici per la meccatronica

Laurea Specialistica in Ing. Informatica:

070701 - Controllo dei robot








Courses before DM 509 (no longer offered)

Laurea in Ing. Aerospaziale:

000836 - Fondamenti di Automatica

Laurea in Ing. Informatica:

AG0259 - Robotica industriale (1/2 annualita')